Crowdsourcing improvement in Egypt

Have you been to a government office in Egypt before? if you had, you probably stood in a queue, you probably also had a fight or two with those who just cut through, or those who dont mind invading your personal space while you fill an important and private form.

The problem above have been fixed since forever, however Egyptian goverments just lack the will or vision to fix such mind numbingly stupid problems, problems that if fixed will at the very least make the people feel a little less taken forgranted and a bit appreciated.

For progress to happen the number one resource that must be sacred is time, it's the only resource worth measuring for any government in the world; a new bridge is being built, the question is how much time would it save commuters?, a new city hall, how much time would it save civillians? a new computer system for the government, how much time would it save us?

Thats it, time is what should be important and having been encountered by such stupid time consuming problems dealing with the Government, I find it hard to continue or turn my back on the stupid and cheap solutions that can be implemented!

For starters, what about a numbered queue in any office that has direct contact with the people? its really so simple! just a paper with a number, you take one, sit down and wait your number to be called! the civil employee will not serve you without presenting your number that has been called!

Are you in a hurry? guess what, there could be a window that charges you more but has a shorter queue!

See, its that simple really, I don't have to waste a ton of time standing in a queue with others cutting through and invading my personal space, its more efficient, less frustrating and human.

But the government has no money

Here is the gist, I know this fantasy of mine that somehow the government sees my post and actually implement this is retarded and out of a Sci-Fi movie, so here is what I'm proposing; how about the people do it?

I mean buying the equipment for something like that is not a big deal if its crowd sourced! let every group of people that belong to a certain police station or vehicle registry collect some money and put in the enhancement of the offices and service there.

The only obstacle we'll face is convincing the government it needs to improve and needs our help, but if thats out of the way there shouldn't be any other obstacles implementing this!

Let me take the initiative

Since I belong to Nasr City wether the civil registery, or the vehicle, I am calling on to you all residents and frequent customers of both governmental offices to join in the campaign to enhance and upgrade the services there.

The plan is to overhaul the whole system, hell we'll implement a system cause they simply hasn't one! All we need is someone with a connection to the man in charge, usually a police officer, so we can propose the plan and find out what can be done.

Reach me

If you are interested to help, email me at iam[at]