مية مسا عاكَّباتين (Hello World)

It has been over a year since I last blogged about anything not to mention even having my domain (not that I'm a blogger or anything), however I felt that its time to get back to the keyboard having had a really busy and full year since my last blog over at tumblr.

On boarding for newbies

For the new comers (which I imagine is everyone reading this :p) this blog is about Entrepreneurship, Geeky stuff, LoL and Egypt, also its bilingual (if you haven't already noticed, Arabic).

I usually bitch around on Facebook and Twitter when I feel talkative (which is kinda rare for an introvert), however I usually have more to say than a 140 characters or a status can carry, not to mention my desire to blog more about geeky stuff with syntax highlighting and shit (Geeks be impressed).

Honorable mention in the first post on the shinny Ghost blog

It probably deserves a post on its own, but I just can't not-mention RiseUp Summit, this thing is going to be epic and you defenitely should attend if you are in Egypt at the time and interested in Startups and Entrepreneurship.

If you do manage to attend, find me there and lets have a chat, if you can't however don't worry, we have a live stream of the whole thing isa (in sha'a Allah; if god wills) .

Until then be sure to follow and join in our daily nightly tweetups for positivity on #RiseUpEgypt and #طزفيالظروف.

Whats next you say?

Well for tonight not much, just a warm welcome and hopefully you'd pay me a visit and even express your opinion when I manage to install Naqeshny's argument box over here, but till then you can give me a mention over on twitter.