The blog schedule & Dribbble giveaway!


I wanted to begin this post with a confession; I'm one hell of a lazy procrastinator (who isn't :P), but hey I'm working on that!

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to blog more, its good for my mental stability, technical skills, my startup and of course my general identity, however, as you can tell, I'm trying my best to stay consistent.

The cure

The first part of the solution is identifying the problem, right? but thats not enough, so I will experiment with a new idea for staying consistent, and yeah you guessed it, a schedule!

Every beginning of a month, I'll post a schedule, which is mainly a way for me to organise my time and a way for you to stay tuned and updated about topics you're interested in; each week of the month, I'll write about one of the topics in the schedule, with the exception of the first week where I'll write two posts one of them, of course, is the schedule.

For July

So to start things up, here is the schedule for this month:

  1. Setting a functional and practical development environment.
  2. Anonimity and Tor.
  3. Makeshift conventions for Go projects.
  4. Dribbble invites (x2).

Of course the last topic will be the most sought after out of the four, so thats why I'm keeping it for the last week of the month and I'll post more info about it later.