Alice Down the Value Stream

Disclaimer This blog is not neutral; its the reflection of a software engineer on years of software projects as a developer, project manager and sometimes sales person. Its my attempt to project Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on my daily experiences dealing with different software projects. In doing so, I’ve borrowed lines, scenes and characters from the novel, and I do not claim any ownership or copyright to those.

Staying Productive in a Noisy World

The world is becoming more and more noisy, loud and less productive; that’s the cost of progress, and in the midst of all that noise, its becoming harder and harder to focus and be productive. I consider my self a creative person; I do my best work when I’m inspired, excited and focused, so it should be no surprise that I rarely have the chance to be productive with all the daily distractions around us.

On Engineering Learning

I’ve been blessed to be part of the learning journey of several software engineers; throughout my career I’ve been on both sides of the equation, a student to great engineers who taught me a lot, and a teacher to bright engineers who also taught me a lot. Given I’m a fulltime mentor at my current position, I get the same question by every engineer in our team, regardless of their seniority or experience, the one recurring question is always “What should I learn next?

You Are Not a Senior

Lets set things straight the software engineering landscape in Egypt has been suffering for the past few years; since 2014 we’ve been losing more and more talents to Europe for a number of reasons (that we won’t go over now), this so called brain drain has created a new phenomena, and please bare with me, a huge number of unqualified “seniors”. I usually don’t like to write about the local field; I often feel its futile to talk and prefer tangible actions, however, I’ve been provoked by the number of uninformed posts and job descriptions circulating social networks, so here goes 😰.

Aaaand We're back!

Hey there! it’s been 3 years since I last wrote anything here, it’s also been a year since I even had a site! I initially wanted to try and salvage my older posts which got deleted after I failed to pay my due server bills (procrastnation much 😇), but afte rgoing back in time (check the gif above ☝️), specifically to September 24th, 2015, I decided not to import anything and to just start fresh.