You Are Not a Senior

Lets set things straight the software engineering landscape in Egypt has been suffering for the past few years; since 2014 we’ve been losing more and more talents to Europe for a number of reasons (that we won’t go over now), this so called brain drain has created a new phenomena, and please bare with me, a huge number of unqualified “seniors”. I usually don’t like to write about the local field; I often feel its futile to talk and prefer tangible actions, however, I’ve been provoked by the number of uninformed posts and job descriptions circulating social networks, so here goes 😰.

Aaaand We're back!

Hey there! it’s been 3 years since I last wrote anything here, it’s also been a year since I even had a site! I initially wanted to try and salvage my older posts which got deleted after I failed to pay my due server bills (procrastnation much 😇), but afte rgoing back in time (check the gif above ☝️), specifically to September 24th, 2015, I decided not to import anything and to just start fresh.